Introducing The New Day Knitwear Project

Helping people with their mental health has always been at the heart of my vision for New Day Knitwear. Even before I had graduated, three and a half years ago, I felt this pull towards needing to marry up my own experiences and struggles with my designing and knitwear - at the time though, I just wasn't quite sure what that was going to look like.

People say that your job doesn't define you, and whilst I can agree with this, I also feel that this statement doesn't really apply to me. New Day Knitwear is who I am. Every aspect of New Day is my soul laid bare. This is me, inside out. And as a very private and guarded person, you see more of who I really am through this, than what I believe I expose in my every day to day life - which can be very daunting, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. I get so much satisfaction from what we are doing here and we've barely even begun!


But that's not to say, that it hasn't been hard. On many occasions this year I've struggled with how the knitwear and products flow with the mental health support. How does it all fit together neatly into one business? It's what I've asked myself time and time again. 


We've trialled and tested lots over the past 12 months, thrown ideas out into the world and seen what's stuck, and what's not. And as this year draws to an end, I feel as though we've finally figured out how it all comes together! (Can I get a hurrah?!)


So, with a little drum-roll please, I'd like to introduce to you....

The New Day Knitwear Project




The New Day Knitwear Project will now encompass all of our mental health support and related activities under one tidy little umbrella!


This includes:


  • All group workshops, events and 1:1 Crochet, Craft & Chat sessions

  • Collaborations and work with mental health organisations

  • And our Crochet With Us, Design With Us and Volunteer With Us support programmes

    • (which circle nicely back into the New Day Knitwear collections and products)


Profits from sales of our New Day Knitwear collections and products will be reinvested back into The New Day Knitwear Project.


And so, I finally get to demonstrate this to you, with a circle (I'm not exaggerating when I say I've been trying to make this all year!):

New Day Knitwear and The New Day Knitwear Project business model


What I would like to share with this is, keep going. You may not feel like you have all the answers just yet (show me a person who does) and life can certainly throw you into a frenzy of confusion and frustration while you try to figure shit out. But hang in there, because if you keep trying, keep exploring and remain curious, little by little, jigsaw pieces will begin to fall into place. 


I'm really looking forward to all the amazing and creative things that we're going to achieve together! 😘 If you would like to get in touch about The New Day Knitwear Project and find out more about what we're offering, please email me at or via the Get In Touch page (you may also like to sign up to our emails to keep in the loop!).



Stacie xxx

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