Chloe's Self-Care Favourites: January & Happiness Journals

I hope your January was full of self-care and love! Here are some of the things which made my month a little brighter:

Oliver Bonas Cat Candle 

For Christmas, I was given this candle from Oliver Bonas. I find something so wonderful about taking the time to light a candle, a self-care act which is simply doing something because it's nice to do. This candle one has a clean fresh scent which fills a room. and it's in the cutest cat jar, which just adds a little something extra to my space. 

Happiness Journal 

Another Christmas gift I got was a Happiness journal from Kiki K, and it's great. It allows you to plan and reflect with positivity in mind. It's full of beautiful quotes and imagery. I've loved adding filling it out into my self-care routine and ensuring I dedicate time to concentrate solely on my own happiness.

Bullet Journal

I'm sure I've mentioned before that for me, my mental health is often affected by how organised I'm feeling. When I feel snowed under I tend to spiral into a negative state of mind. I got a new bullet journal for 2018 and I'm feeling more organised than ever, and it's reflecting in how I'm feeling. (There's a post about it on my personal blog here if you want to know more about my bullet journal!)

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream 

When I get anxious, I pick and scratch my hands, it's not pleasant, but it's a habit I can't seem to break. Lately, I've been carrying the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream with me to give my skin parts some extra love and repair them after they endure my nervous habits.

Lush Sleepy

Towards the end of 2017, I found my mind keeping me up at night, and in turn, I was suffering. Being tired really affects how I feel, so I didn't feel great. The magical body lotion relaxes me, keeps my skin soft and the lavender scent send me into the deepest sleep - I've noticed an improvement in the quality of my sleep since I've been using it, and I feel in a much better place since getting those zzz in!

I hope there's something in here you can incorporate into your self-care which will bring you some joy!


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